Join Getleys Recruitment in the Phone-Free Driving Challenge

Phone-Free Driving Challenge

27 Sep Join Getleys Recruitment in the Phone-Free Driving Challenge

According to NZ Police statistics 31 deaths and 1484 casualties were caused by distracted drivers in 2015, with our younger drivers aged 20 – 24 having the highest rate of distracted driving accidents.  Furthermore, Australian studies indicate that you are 400% more likely to have an accident if distracted by using a phone whilst driving.

To help us set an example for our young drivers we encourage you to take up the Phone-Free Driving Challenge by setting a temporary greeting on your phone and not answering calls whilst driving.  The team at Getleys Recruitment are using this message “Hi, I have taken up the challenge to not answer calls whilst I’m driving. Please leave me a message or text me and I will return your call when I have stopped.”

To record the temporary greeting on a Vodafone mobile;

  • call 707
  • press 3, then 6  once you’ve recorded the message
  • message is now active and saved

To switch back to your standard greeting when you’ve reached your destination;

  • call 707
  • press 1

To turn the temporary message back on;

  • call 707
  • press 3,6,1,2

We’d love to be able to let you know how to record a temporary message on other networks however it appears that Spark, 2degrees and Skinny have yet to provide this safety service on their voicemail menus’.  Your options with these carriers are to re-record your voice message each time you get in and out of the car or simply turn it off while you’re on the road.

Save lives – take up and share the challenge.

– Colleen Getley

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