07 Jun Interviews are about more than just a suit

The boring, formal interview is so 2012. Wearing a suit at work isn’t the default. Companies have realised that it’s about the people, and their input, rather than the ‘corporate culture’. How do you make your next interview more real?

We’ve all been in the interview in a freezing cold room, fighting off the effects of that extra beer last night, trying to figure out what they want to hear. What buzzwords should you be using to answer that dreary job description. That suit you bring out for weddings, funerals & interviews is feeling a little tight, and the label is itching.

From the land of clogs, Heineken are known for their innovative marketing campaigns. They attract the very best, and so when you have one of the top in-house marketing teams, how do you hire the best intern?

Could you imagine a beer company in dull blue suits? Boring eh!

Heineken decided to forgo the standard interview, avoiding the answers to those stock questions interviewees can learn from a simple Google search.

Instead, they decided to make their next hiring campaign focused on the humanistic talents that reflect the culture that exists at Heineken. They have fun, and they’re about each other, teamwork, and open-mindedness.

So potential interns were invited to take part in an interview. What they thought was going to be a standard question answer snore-fest, turned into something that challenged them and their beliefs from the get go.


So what did you think? The company got to pick as a team, and someone was chosen who fit with the culture.

So to both employers and employees. How do you stand out? As a person, and as a brand.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you more than just that suit?

How about showing you’re more than just a suit?

Be you.

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